Why did we set up ThinkTech?

15th Mar 2017

Let’s start with a bit of controversy…

In many instances in the Middle East the implementation of corporate technology remains simply ‘for show’. There are few companies that are using technology for genuine commercial advantage despite having spent millions implementing the latest and shiniest software and solutions.

So where does it leave businesses in our region?

The Middle East is still moving at a rapid pace. However over the next 3-5 years, if businesses are to keep up with the rest of the world, they need to go through significant transformation – both technically and commercially. Unlike previous global market changes, the implementation of new technology is not the requirement here, it’s the business adoption. Finding people who know how to take advantage of the technology is the key priority.

These transformation projects will require an influx of great talent to drive change and technology advantage. Business strategy should no longer be seen as independent from technology strategy.

This is why we set up ThinkTech.

There are few recruitment companies in the Middle East that have the capability to source technology professionals from all corners of the globe, at all levels and for all disciplines. ThinkTech, part of the Mackenzie Jones Group, is focused on working with clients and candidates to understand what the key issues they are facing day to day. This all seems so logical… but often is not seen as such. So what can we do to help you?

Successful talent sourcing aside, ThinkTech runs quarterly CIO forums designed specifically to share and understand the key issues faced by IT leaders in the region. Along with parent company Mackenzie Jones, we spend time with other ‘C suite’ members to understand how we can better align our activity to our clients’ strategies.

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